PP☆THEATRE (Theatre for ONE) 2012~2022


The Official programme for 15 countries 26 festivals.


Nominated 6 International competitions and won 5 awards.



 PP☆ THEATRE was selected for the official Proggramme of




    ☆ The World Puppet Carnival 


   * The Special Prize of Jury



    ☆ 20th International Festival of

     Children's Theatres (Serbia)

       * Special prize for the Theatrical Experiment in Puppetry

    ・ Festival Reprise in Szeged (Hungary)

  ・ Bornholm Puppet Fes (Denmark)

    ・ Wirksworth Art Fes (U.K)

  ・ Skipton Puppet Fes (U.K)

  ・ Sliven Art Fes (Bulgaria)

  ☆ 12th Banja Luka Children's Fes (Bosnia and Hertz Gobina)

       * Special award for miniature puppet theatre

  ・ Baku Puppet Fes (Azerbaijan)



    ・ 16th Bretagneval Puppet Fes (France)

    ・ 8th Ecological & Ethnic Puppet Fes (the republic of Khakassia) 

     The World Puppet Carnival (Thailand)

        * Best Experimental Theatre



 ・ World Puppetry Day Gala @Moscow (Russia) 

   ・ Moscow International Puppet Fes (Russia)

   ・ 12th St.petersblug International Fes KukART (Russia) 



  ・ 10th Izmir International Puppt Days (Turky)  



  ・ 12th Eskisheir International Children's Fes (Turky) 

    ☆ 30th Lomza International Fes VALISE (Poland)

     * Audience’s Aword

  ・ 9th Ecological & Ethnic Puppet Fes (the republic of Khakassia)

    ・ Ulan-Ude Puppet Fes (the republic of Buryatia)

    ・ Bornholm Puppet Fes (Denmark)



  ・ Bursa International Children's Fes (Turky) 



  ☆ Kiev International Puppet Fes Puppet UP! (Ukraine) 

  ・ Puck International Puppet Fes (Romania) 

    ・ Bursa International Puppet Fes (Turky) 


※ 2020~2021 

Cancellation and postponement of the festival due to the corona crisis.



   ・21st Banja Luka Children's Fes (Bosnia and Hertz Gobina)


☆・・・International Compedition