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PPTheatre is a Theatre for one.Audience seat is only one.3minutes puppet show for you by wooden marionette!


You have only to peep through into the hole which opened at the wooden trunk 
and an opening of your secret stage...!


Direction & Puppetter : YUKI☆

Puppet design & maker : Kazuya Kudo  /  Music : Fumio Kato



 ◆ It's A SECRET! (Mar.2012~)

 ◆ A Winter Story (Dec.2012~)

 ◆ L-O-V-E (Feb.2013~)

 ◆ Thunder☆Song (Nov.2013~)

 ◆ The SEA (Sep.2017~)


 PP☆ THEATRE was selected for the official Proggramme of




    ☆ The World Puppet Carnival 


   * The Special Prize of Jury



    ☆ 20th International Festival of Children's Theatres (Serbia)

       * Special prize for the Theatrical Experiment in Puppetry

    ・ Festival Reprise in Szeged (Hungary)

  ・ Bornholm Puppet Fes (Denmark)

    ・ Wirksworth Art Fes (U.K)

  ・ Skipton Puppet Fes (U.K)

  ・ Sliven Art Fes (Bulgaria)

  ☆ 12th Banja Luka Children's Fes (Bosnia and Hertz Gobina)

       * Special award for miniature puppet theatre

  ・ Baku Puppet Fes (Azerbaijan)



    ・ 16th Bretagneval Puppet Fes (France)

   ・ 8th Ecological & Ethnic Puppet Fes (the republic of Khakassia) 

     The World Puppet Carnival (Thailand)

        * Best Experimental Theatre



  ・ World Puppetry Day Gala @Moscow (Russia) 

   ・ Moscow International Puppet Fes (Russia)

  ・ 12th St.petersblug International Fes KukART (Russia) 



  ・ 10th Izmir International Puppt Days (Turky)  



  ・ 12th Eskisheir International Children's Fes (Turky) 

   ☆ 30th Lomza International Fes VALISE (Poland)

     * Audience’s Aword

   ・ 9th Ecological & Ethnic Puppet Fes (the republic of Khakassia)


   ・ International Puppet Fes "Way of Nomards" 

      (the republic of Buryat )

  ・ Bornholm Puppet Fes (Denmark)


  ・ Bursa International Children's Fes (Turky) 



     ☆ Kyiv International Fes of puppet theatres “pUp.pet” (Ukraina)

   ・ "PUCK" International Fe of Puppet and Marionette Theatres


    ・ Bursa International Karagoz,Puppet and Shadow Thearre Fes




 ・21st Banja Luka Children's Fes (Bosnia and Hertz Gobina)


☆・・・International Compedition 





◆Story-telling by BIWA and PUPPETS 

 from Aug.2009



BIWA player AKI and Puppet Actress SAKI show you litte but deep magical forest.



BIWA is a traditional Japanese old musical instrument, and when telling a tale, it has been performed. 




Akiko Kubota

BIWA player+Story-teller+Composition+Senario





Kazuya Kudo

Puppet Design+maker 


<Performances for Adults >


* The red candles and the mermaid

The Lady in Macbeth

A Picture Book without Pictures

Princess Hazy Moonlit Night

      from The Tale of Genji





◆ Puppet show by Mozart 
from Aug.2009
Young children are no opportunity to hear one classic altogether easily.
Mozart's variation music is performed without arrangement.Please enjoy 2 puppet shows for children are unfolded without the words by Mozart's beautiful melody. 
Pianist Kayo Itani × Puppeteer YUKI☆


 ★9 Variationen on "Lison dormait" KV264(315d/1778)

 × A Snow Story


★12 Variationen on  "Ah, vous dirai-je, Maman" K.26(300e/1781)

× The Three Billy Goats Gruff


Puppet Design+maker / YUKI☆ 





◆ Accordion & Marionette 

from May.2010


Omnibus show with accordion of the small Table Top marionettes without lines.


We can give a performance in the outdoors.

  Puppet Design+maker / Kazuya Kudo
  Puppet Design+maker / Kazuya Kudo

Accordion Chikako Ito



1.A bucket / Blue mouse

2.A walk / Duck

3.Dance of the rain cloud / Frog

4.Notes / Pink mouse
5.Heart of the water / Fish

6.Let's Dancing! / Dog





Wayang Kulit type

Original Shadow Show


        The Star Horse
        The Star Horse
◆ Javanese Shadow Puppetry Style
 I've created 2shadow shows
by Wayang Kulit type
without lines.
2004 * The Star Horse (17min)
2006 * The SEA (12min)



     Who Eats  A Gingerbreadman?
     Who Eats A Gingerbreadman?


◆ Paper Puppet Theatre


Pape-sart is a round handy fan type paper puppet theatre that characters are drawn on the both sides.It is Japanese original thing.We perform by returning back-and-front-back-and-front.It's magical and fun!



2004 * Who EATS a gingerbreadman?


 2006 * The Grateful Crane

by Japanesef airy tales



Cirque Lumire

     Paper-cutting by Takumi Ota
     Paper-cutting by Takumi Ota
  ◆ Paper-cutting Shadow show
with Accordion 
from July.2009
Takumi Ota who is a puppet maker began the paper-cutting shadow theatre with accordion in 2009.I've participated from the first work.Cirque Lumiere performed at the planetarium dome by my produceing and direcrcting in August 2012.
 2012.Planetarium Ver.
"Running after shooting stars" 
Drection & puppeteer / YUKI☆
Paper-cutting & puppeteer / Takumi Ota
Accordion / Chikako Ito

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