Let's Play your shadow theatre!


90 ~ 120min

 Primary schoolchild - Adults


A shadow theater is folded up small and can be carried. Various places disguise themselves as a shadow theater quickly!






Mr. Worm


Children - Adults / 10~20min


making very simple marionette Mr.Worm

from cloth, a chip of wood, and thread!






Javanese Wayang Kulit


Let's try Indonesian traditional shadow puppetry!








Workshops in U.K


● ● 2005 ● ●

Netherside Hall School *Yorkshire

   Shadow * Year7-11



● ● 2006年 ● ●


◆ Canonbury primary shool * London      

     MaSoO! (Make Shakespeare our Own!)

                     ~ London School of Puppetry's project



   ・ How to make Rod puppet

             *for teachers


  ・ Macbeth

      * Year3 × 2classes


       performance at

              Rosemary Branch Theatre




Children's Club * London


      Glove puppet by a sock


      I was an assistant of Tinka

      who is a puppeteer.

   ◆ Newton on Trent primary school 

 * Lincolnshire


 * Shadow puppetry (2days) * Year6


 * Glove puppet by envelope (2days ) 



 * Pape-sart ( 1day ) Year1~6



◆ Midland University * Midland

Body Puppet

* the department of a drama's students


 ◆ Scargill  * Yorkshire

   ・ Shadow * high School Students

        (Event of Ester / Good-Friday)

   ・ Shadow * Primary students


 ◆ London Philharmonic Orchestra *London

  " Where the Wild things are " meets "The Carnival of Animals"

      at Henry Wood Hall *Giant Marionette *3 Nurserys 


St.James primary * London

PECKHAM SPLASH 2006 (Culture)

   『Indonesia/Kanchil and a Famer』

      Shadow * Year4


Bellenden primary* London

   PECKHAM SPLASH 2006 (Music)

   Giant Puppet * Year5


Performance at Queen Elizabeth Hall

Work with Caroline Astell-Burt 


● ● 2008年 ● ●


◆ Japanese Language Work

                 in Derbyshire


Let's Play pape-sart!

< The Grateful Crane >

by Japanese a fairy tale 


Aldercar Infant and Nursery 


・Marlpool Juniors *Year3・4

・Codnor Primary * R+Year1

・Langley Mill Juniors * Year5・6

・Langley Mill CE Infant * R+Year1・2


 Shadow show for 3days

 <Kanchil and a famer>

・Aldercar Secondary School Year10




◆ Javanese Wayang Kulit 3days course

 * London


5hours a day for Adults

YUKI☆'s Special Course

as a tutor of London School of Puppetry


● ● 2013年 ● ●


◆ Pape-Sart Workshop

          in Derbyshire


・2 elementary schools

・Intellectual disability facilities for adult

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